Survey: Key to Happiness There in Sex once a week

Survey: Key to Happiness There in Sex once a weekJakarta , happiness is hard to find . But rather than bother to think about how to live a happy life , a recent survey revealed there is one easy and fun way to be happy is to make love once a week .

After combining the results of several surveys involving more than 16,000 respondents , a team of researchers from obtaining fact that married couples have sex once a week 44 per cent higher chance to live happier than couples who do not have sex that often.

Even aside from adding mood , researchers say having sex once a week also affects the satisfaction of each partner to their relationship over the years. And it’s true , that proved most couples are happy couples having sex two to three times a week . As reported by Women’s Health , Sunday ( 09/02/2014 ) .

However, the researchers emphasize not merely sex make someone happy , it’s just that people are happy and satisfied at the partner or marriage relationships tend to be more frequent sex .

At least these findings to make sure that the mood and good orgasm often go hand in hand , in addition to the orgasm itself can provide a number of other benefits such as relieving headaches and boost immunity .

Present in Indonesia, Ichi Ocha, Tea Packaging Bottles One-Time Brewing of Japan

Present in Indonesia, Ichi Ocha, Tea Packaging Bottles One-Time Brewing of JapanOcha or tea is a beverage from Japan who is believed to have health benefits . Ichi is taken from the first word meaning Ichiban . Ocha or tea ichi number one is now present in Indonesia enliven the soft drink industry .

In addition to producing food , PT Indofood Asahi Beverage Success ( IASB ), a cooperation between PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk . Shouteast with Ashai Group Holdings Inc. All rights reserved . Ltd. . from Japan , Wednesday ( 5 / 02 ) introduced the beverage is ready to drink ocha Ichi Ocha .

When Ichi Ocha launch event , which took place in Sudirman , Anastasia Sutadji , as Director of the IASB , said that the launch of this product is based on the lifestyle of consumers who start fond of green tea in practical packaging .

” Ichi Products Ocha has two advantages . The first , Japanese green tea leaves is believed to be the best green tea leaves with fresh aroma of green tea . Both Ichi Ocha manufactured using Japanese technology ” one time brewing , ” specifically created by the IASB ” , obviously Yoshimi Miyano as Director of the IASB .

On this occasion attended Emilia E. Achmadi MS . , RD , a clinical nutritionist who explained the benefits and nutritional content of green tea . ” Green tea contains catechin which is high compared to other types of tea , ” said Emilia .

Green tea is made ​​with a one-time filtering technology has a higher catechin content because it is not a process of oxidation . Catechin in tea is the tea would be reduced when exposed to heat and oxygen or air . Catechin contained in tea can be useful as a super antioxidant that can prevent aging .

The launch event , visitors can enjoy a photo booth , tea bar , as well as face painting manga character that all shades of Japan .

Beverage packaging is sold in a bottle with two types of sizes . For the 350 ml size is sold at Rp 3,500 and for the size of 500 ml at a price of Rp 5,000 .

Ichi Ocha marketed with a modern fusion concept targeting young consumers Indonesian and energetic . Because of the health benefits and distinctive flavor of green tea can be a beverage Ichi Ocha to generate energy .

This Program Featured Celestial Classic Movies In February

This Program Featured Celestial Classic Movies In FebruaryJakarta – Welcoming February, Celestial Classic Movies presents the shows featured each weekend. What is it? the following list:

Hui Ying Hung

Wwanita dazzling swordsman who often serve as this woman has got a special place in the Hong Kong film industry, and to this day still has a powerful charm in contemporary film through dramatic roles. ‘Hui Ying Hung’ views seiap Saturday at 20:00 pm.

My Young Auntie

Cheng Tai-Nan (Hui Ying-Hung) is a young girl that is attractive and has a martial arts expertise. He agreed to be the heir of a rich old man who married her, after her husband’s death until she can prevent her husband’s brother is scheming to take the family treasure.

The film, directed by Liu Chia-liang will be aired on the 8th of February at 20:00 pm.

Buddha’s Palm

Soerang blind loner living in a cave , knowing a secret which ended up being a blessing and a curse . He then draws all things , ranging from a giant bird , pearl auspicious , magical orchid man , to force wushu warrior .

The film is directed by Taylor Wong aired on February 15 at 20:00 pm .

The Brave Archer

Fu Sheng plays a warrior who was raised by a group of wushu martial arts instructor . He must learn the ’18 Palms ‘ , ‘ Nine Secrets ‘ and trained by the ‘ Seven Evils ‘ to marry a rich young woman and revenge against the man who killed his father .

The film is directed by Chang Cheh , also starring Tien Niu will air on February 22 at 20:00 pm .

In addition to the above a row of films , Celestial Classic Movies also presents programs serving Sunday Celestial famous films . Ranging from comedies such as ‘ How to Choose A Royal Bride ‘ , the theme of the war as ‘ House of Traps ‘ , Kung Fu movies like ‘ The Warload ‘ up to the romance of ‘ The Shepherd Girl ‘ . The films aired every Sunday at 20:00 pm .

Dani Pedrosa Feeling Fit Test Undergo Surgery After Years Ago Bones

Dani Pedrosa Feeling Fit Test Undergo Surgery After Years Ago BonesDani Pedrosa reveal his feelings after the first test in Sepang , Malaysia . He only finished in third place behind Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi .

” This is a hard and long day . We completed a lot of laps , ” said Pedrosa . ” The first day as enjoyable as long I do not drive a motorcycle and a curious look performaku after spinal surgery last year . However , I am happy on the first day . ”

Last year , Pedrosa injured several times . He also had to undergo surgical removal of 13 screws . The plate and screws were installed to connect Pedrosa’s collarbone after colliding with the late Marco Simoncelli in MotoGP France 2011.

In addition to the conditions , the Honda rider also reveals what is being done by the team . One was the attempt to increase the speed of the motor .

” In general, today went well and we were focused on trying to rear brake , clutch and engine mapping today . Tomorrow we will work on the motor frame and the new tires , ” said Pedrosa . “The bike looks very similar to last year’s motorcycle models , we still need more time to work on it , but it seems there is no big difference required to drive a motorcycle . “

HPV Vaccination Not Trigger Risky Sex

HPV Vaccination Not Trigger Risky SexVaccination of human papilloma virus ( HPV ) can protect women from cervical cancer are generally transmitted through sexual intercourse . But a new study found that vaccination does not necessarily increase the likelihood of women having sex risky .

From these results , the researchers hope the fear of parents to allow their daughters the HPV vaccination would be reduced . So that more girls are vaccinated .

” Concerns of parents plays a major role in the low rate of HPV vaccination in young women . Absence of parental consent difficult for health workers to vaccinate , ” said study researcher Jessica Kahn , an expert in adolescent health at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center .

According to him , more parents are concerned about their risky sexual behavior as a result of HPV vaccination , rather than accept the fact that vaccination can protect their children from the virus . HPV is known to cause 70 percent of cervical cancer and nearly half of all cases of cancer of the mouth , throat , and esophagus .

In a study published in the journal Pediatrics , Kahn and his team conducted a survey of 300 girls aged 13-21 years old when they received the first injection of the HPV vaccination . Researchers asked , girls sexual experience and must practice safe sex . They also asked their concerns other than sexually transmitted infections after undergoing HPV vaccination .

Then , the researchers also asked the same question two and six months later to see if there is a change answers from participants . Kahn and his team also asked how the protection derived from vaccination triggered the participants to undertake risky sex .

The result , researchers found no change from the participants’ answers . So it can be concluded that HPV vaccination does not trigger the girls to perform risky sex .

Overall, 58 percent of girls reported being sexually active when the study began , 42 percent of the rest have not. Results were generally depends on the age of the participants , the older the more who reported having sexual activity .

Of the 99 girls who have never had sexual activity since the study began , 20 percent admitted to engaging in sexual activity in six months later . However, researchers found most of them use condoms during intercourse .

Kia Cars Want to Sell 12,500 Units

Kia Cars Want to Sell 12,500 UnitsPT KIA Mobil Indonesia sales target of 12,500 units in Indonesia. The target includes the calculation of the impact of the elections that will take place as much as 2 twice, in April and July. It is estimated that car sales will return to normal or

increases in the second half of 2014. In 2013 alone sales reached 12,121 units.
In 2014, the IMA will focus on selling the car to the city car segment is the Kia Picanto and Kia Rio, Kia rely on Kia Sportage SUVnya.

3 models are a mainstay of Kia products have recorded the highest sales value in 2013. All New Picanto sales reached 6,379 units (52% of total sales), all-new Rio reached 3,326 units (27% of total sales) and the all-new Sportage reach 1,075 units (8% of total sales).

Many natural problems in the Jerez test, Red Bull Not Panic

Many natural problems in the Jerez test, Red Bull Not Panic

Red Bull can not maximize the Jerez Formula 1 tests because they are having a lot of problems during the test . This does not make them panic ahead of the passing of the new season .

During the four days of F1 testing at Jerez last week , the two Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel is Daniel Ricciardo and just devoured a total of 21 laps . RB10 cars are reliable Red Bull this season to experience a number of problems , mainly related to Renault engines .

In contrast , rivals Red Bull immediately step on the gas . McLaren , Ferrari , and Mercedes are pretty impressive record time during the test in Jerez .

This situation does not make the Red Bull camp panic . With the 2014 season consisting of 19 series , they consider a slow start will not necessarily shut their chance to be champions .

” The deficit at the beginning of the season does not automatically mean the world title off , ” said the owner of Red Bull , Dietrich Mateschitz , in ESPN F1 .

” Even though you come from behind , you still have a chance , ” he added .

The next test will be held in Bahrain , February 19 to 22 next . Meanwhile , the first series of the F1 season will be held on March 16 in Australia .

Greet the Lunar New Year, There Barongsai at Soekarno-Hatta Airport

Greet the Lunar New Year, There Barongsai at Soekarno-Hatta Airport

Jakarta Soekarno – Hatta business was performing a lion dance during the long holiday and welcome the Chinese New Year ( Imlek ) 2565 .

The event was held for 3 days in a row is intended to entertain the passengers and visitors at airport pickup Soetta . Lion Dance Performances and Liong diimulai today, Friday ( 31/1 ) to Sunday ( 2/2 ) at terminals 1 , 2 and 3 Soetta Airport .

” Every day large or religious holidays such as Idul Fitri , Christmas and Chinese New Year , always created an atmosphere that adapts to the festivities , ” said General Affairs Manager Soekarno – Hatta Yudis Tiawan in a press release on Saturday ( 01/02/2014 ) .

On this day , or date of February 1, 2014 , visitors will witness the excitement of terminal 1 Lion Dance performances start at 17.00-19.00 hrs . As for terminal 2 on January 31 and February 1 hour starting from 10:00 to 11:00 pm and at 13:00 to 14:00 pm .

Similar performances are also held on terminal 3 , on Sunday, February 2, 2014 , which began at 10:00 to 11:00 pm . Furthermore, continued hours 15:00 to 16:00 pm . Lion Dance performances this activity to be one of the service part of the airport to service users .

” With a main attraction of this lion , actually Soekarno – Hatta Management symbolically conveying congratulatory Celebrate Chinese New Year 2565 , Gong Xi Fa Da Cai , Nian Nian You Yu , ” he explained .

Lion Dance Group who performed this attraction is Tang Lung Huang college and university Khongcu Tangerang Tangerang Bio Latitude professionally trained young people who are interested in art Lion Dance since 1998 .

The Spanish rider deserves Mamola MotoGP dominance

The Spanish rider deserves Mamola MotoGP dominance

The former GP500 from the United States, Randy Mamola found worthy to dominate the Spanish rider in the MotoGP times now.

In the last two years, both the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 riders is dominated by Spain. Even in the 2013 season, only Valentino Rossi (Italy), Scott Redding (UK) and Jonas Folger (Germany) who went on to become of the non-Spanish.

“I think the Spaniard can not be underestimated. Though the national anthem of Spain often heard every time I watch the race on the circuit, I see them as great athletes spread across three classes of MotoGP racing,” said Mamola.

Currently, Mamola served as manager of Monster Yamaha Tech 3 rider, Bradley Smith and his own son, Dakota Mamola who was aiming for a team in the Spanish National Championship (CEV) this year.

PV Release Solo ‘Aoi Ryu’, Super Cool EXILE ATSUSHI

PV Release Solo 'Aoi Ryu', Super Cool EXILE ATSUSHIPV once solo single album cover for the latest namely EXILE vocalist ATSUSHI titled Aoi Ryu finally officially released.

ATSUSHI’s solo single new fact will be officially released on February 19, 2014. But now so attractive enthusiastic fans, as reported

Remarkably, before the official release Aoi Ryu apparently been chosen as the theme song for the drama that aired on Fuji TV titled Iryu ~ Team Medical Dragon 4.

For single album cover this time, made ​​a surprise release ATSUSHI sunglasses that had been attached to the figure of the man born 30 April 1980 Atsushi Sato’s original name. So the fans can see the face gahar cool free ATSUSHI.

In addition to the lack of his trademark glasses, fans can see the light of ATSUSHI blue eyes. PV is also bound to make fans hysterical because she confidently showed off her sexy body 8-packs are so cool.